VIDEO: Man dances in the middle of traffic jam

We’ve all been stuck in traffic before, but one Baltimore driver is getting attention online after a video of him dancing in the middle of the street was posted to Facebook.

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The man was seen moving to his own beat outside of his car, right in the middle of Falls Road near Lake Avenue in Mount Washington, putting on a show for the line of cars as they sat idled in traffic. Construction work along Falls created a delay on Tuesday morning, which likely led the man to find a more entertaining way to wait it out.

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Erin Mandras, of Pikesville, was driving the opposite direction when she spotted the smooth operator making his moves. “I couldn’t make this up if I tried. I guess this man thought it was a good time to bust out his dance moves while in construction traffic on a Tuesday morning,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

That’s one way to handle a traffic jam.