Warrior for change: Girl writes Stephen Curry, upset when his brand was marketed to only boys

A 9-year-old girl needed a new pair of basketball shoes, and she knew exactly what she wanted -- Stephen Curry’s Curry 5 shoes. She went to Under Armour’s website, only to be disappointed.

The Curry 5 shoes were only under the boys' department and in boys' sizes, CBS News reported.

Instead of just accepting that the shoes weren’t marketed to girls, Riley Morrison took matters into her own hands, writing directly to Curry to voice her disappointment.

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Instead of the normal form letter, Curry responded after speaking to officials at Under Armour to get it changed.

He is also sending her a pair of Curry 5 shoes and the new Curry 6 shoes.

Curry also invited Riley and her dad to a special event scheduled for March 8 to mark International Women's Day, ESPN reported.

UnderArmour addressed the marketing in an email to CBS News, saying, "Thanks to Riley and Stephen, we're correcting a simple yet critical error."

It added a girls section to the Curry line, and the Curry 6 will have co-gendered sizing.

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