Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins misses final play of game for fan selfies

This is his first year in the NFL and Dwayne Haskins made a mark in this year's season and it wasn't for something he did on the field for his first career victory.

His team was on offense, so he should have been getting the snap, but Haskins missed the final play of the game Sunday, The Washington Post reported.

He wasn't hurt. He wasn't in the locker room.

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Haskins was on the sidelines taking selfies with fans as the game clock ticked down, The Washington Post reported.

The Redskins were leading the Detroit Lions 19-16 but needed another kneel down to make the game official. It was the team's first win at home this season, CNN reported.

Coaches were looking for Haskins, but sent his backup Case Keenum in for the final snap.

Interim coach Bill Callahan said he thinks his QB thought the game was done.

Haskins admitted he didn't realize that the game wasn't over as he was taking photos.

While some are cheering for Haskins' faux pas, one former Redskins quarterback isn't having any of it.

Joe Theismann said that Haskins' missing the final snap was "unprofessional and wrong."

The fan who distracted Haskins, Jaime López-Verduzco, has taken responsibility for the mistake, CNN reported. It was López-Verduzco's first NFL game in person.

Callahan wasn't happy either that Haskins missed the final play. He said he would address the issue when he spoke to reporters after the game, The Washington Post reported.

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