Whataburger, family throw burger party for dying dog

Credit: Terry Ross/Flickr

Credit: Terry Ross/Flickr

When a family found out their beloved pet was dying from lymphoma, they wanted to make his final days as comfortable and memorable as possible.

That’s where Whataburger came in.

Stitch, who was owned by the family of Maci Hanson, was diagnosed with lymphoma last month, so Hanson reached out to the pup's go-to, to-go restaurant - Whataburger, the Caller Times reported.

Stitch loved getting his favorite treat, a plain Whataburger Jr. with cheese and sometimes fries, Hanson said on Twitter.

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Through the power of social media and Twitter, Whataburger responded and sent a care package stuffed with food and their iconic orange supplies for a burger party for one of Stitch's final meals, the "Today" show reported.

It also included a ketchup blanket, bandanna and a note for Stitch and his family, the Caller Times reported.

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A few days later Stitch crossed the rainbow bridge. Hanson shared the sad news saying Stitch was “bouncing around on cheeseburger clouds” while she thanked the company for what it had done for her family’s pet.

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