Ex-wife of 'Winnie the Pooh' voice actor Jim Cummings accuses him of sexual abuse, animal cruelty

A child custody battle between voice actor Jim Cummings and his ex-wife, Stephanie Cummings, is getting bitter, according to court documents, People reported.

According to celebrity gossip site The Blast, Jim Cummings and Stephanie Cummings have been investigated by law enforcement for years. The two, who divorced in 2011, claim one has been harassing the other, according to court records obtained by The Blast. They have two daughters together.

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The accusations are graphic. Stephanie Cummings has accused her ex of sexually assaulting her multiple times, According to the documents, officials with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services visited their daughter’s school.

The Blast reported that Stephanie Cummings wrote a letter to her children's school, which the website obtained.

"I have reached out to everyone for help," the letter says, according to The Blast. "I am a concerned mother who was living peacefully in St. George, Utah, when my child was kidnapped. I am a survivor of rape, and emotional abuse at the hands of Jim Cummings."

According to The Blast, the documents also say that Stephanie Cummings accused her ex-husband of abusing the family dog at least twice, including one incident in which Stephanie Cummings claims Jim Cummings hit the dog with a broom so hard that "he shattered the puppy's hip necessitating surgery."

Jim Cummings denies his ex-wife’s claims and says the allegations of sexual and emotional abuse are “unfounded.”

Stephanie Cummings has also accused Jim Cummings of drug abuse, The Blast reported, citing them as the "primary reason" they separated.

But, according to the documents, Jim Cummings denied the allegations, saying, “I entered that rehab facility voluntarily. However, (Stephanie’s) claim that it was a binge on alcohol, marijuana and Adderall is another exaggeration as I have never taken Adderall … (Stephanie), however, has had a long-standing history of drug abuse. On the day that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Petitioner and I mutually agreed to check into a rehabilitation facility.”

People reported that it obtained documents from March 2019, in which Jim Cummings filed a child custody and visitation order that claimed Stephanie Cummings "abandoned" their daughters and violated a previous custody order. The March 2019 order was filed to prevent his ex-wife from having access to their daughters, People reported. The year prior, The Blast reported, Stephanie Cummings filed a second restraining order against her ex in Utah after filing one in 2011.

The two are due back in court this week, the outlets reported.

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