Winter Olympics 2018: When does it start, what is the schedule, how do I watch?

Athletes from around the world are making their way to South Korea ahead of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, set to begin in a week.
The Games, to be held in Pyeongchang, begin on Feb. 9. Closing Ceremony is on Feb. 25.
This year, in addition to skiing and skating luging, four new events have been added to the Games – mixed-doubles curling, big air snowboarding, mass start speed skating and team skiing.
There is, literally, thousands of hours of event programming and multiple ways to watch the Games.
Here's your guide to the Games.
Where is Pyeongchang?
Pyeongchang is about 79 miles east of the South Korean capital city of Seoul. Or about 7,104 miles from Atlanta, Georgia.
When do the Olympics begin?
The first events, ski jumping and curling, are scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 8. The Opening Ceremony takes place on Friday, Feb. 9. The Games end on Feb. 25 when the Closing Ceremony will be held.
How you can watch the Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony begins at 8 p.m. local time in South Korea – that's 6 a.m. EST. If you want to see the ceremony live, you can catch it on and the NBC Sports app. Those services are available on streaming devices, including Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku. NBC will broadcast an edited version of the ceremony at 8 p.m. EST. Katie Couric and Mike Tirico will host the Opening Ceremony for

How do I watch everything else?
The Games will be broadcast on NBC and their networks -- USA, CNBC, and NBCOlympics. They have put together a calendar to help you keep up with all the events you may be interested in watching. The events listed will be tape-delayed, so stay away from news channels and social media if you don't want to know in advance who won. NBC will also host a livestream coverage of the events on their website and on the NBC Sports app.
The NBC apps require you to use your cable login. If you do not have cable or satellite service, you can use streaming services such as Hulu with Live TVPlayStation Vue or SlingTV's Blue package.
What time is it in South Korea?
Korea Standard Time is 14 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. So, when it is 11 a.m. on Thursday in the Eastern time zone, it's 1 a.m. on Friday in Korea.
How many are on Team USA for the Games?
The U.S. Olympic Team will be made up of 240 athletes.
Is there a mascot this year? 
The mascot for the 2018 Games is a white tiger named Soohorang. "Sooho" means protection in Korean and "rang," from the word Ho-rang-I, means tiger.

What about the weather?

It's going to be cold. Very cold. The temperature for the Opening Ceremony is expected to be around 7 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill.

How will spectators and athletes keep warm?

Organizers plan to provide spectators with heating pads and blankets. Team USA will have special uniforms that help keep them warm.

Credit: Anna Stonehouse

Credit: Anna Stonehouse

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