Woman accused of lacing co-worker's drink with meth

Police in North Carolina have arrested a woman after they said surveillance video showed her lacing a coworker's drink with meth.

Charissa Walker, 41, has been charged with possession of methamphetamine and felony contaminating food and drink.

According to officials, a man was given an unknown quantity of meth while at work.

Police said they used surveillance video from inside the company’s break room to identify the suspect.

Walker worked for Beocare, a medical equipment factory in Hudson, but she told WSOC-TV she was fired in the wake of the allegations.

Credit: WSOCTV.com

Credit: WSOCTV.com

WSOC-TV reporter Dave Faherty learned the incident stemmed from an ongoing dispute between Walker and the victim.

Walker told WSOC-TV she did nothing wrong and has never been arrested in the past.

Walker has been released from a Catawba County jail and said she plans on hiring an attorney to fight the charges.

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