Woman gives birth in husband’s truck while speeding through tunnel toward hospital

Credit: File photo via Pixabay.com

Credit: File photo via Pixabay.com

A woman delivered her baby early Friday morning in her husband’s truck in the Liberty Tunnels in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as they sped toward the hospital.

Yemen Zaarour says she woke up with contractions shortly before 3 a.m. and their healthy baby was born less than an hour later while her husband was still driving.

They left their Bethel Park home to head to Magee Women’s Hospital, but just as they were entering the tunnel her water broke. And they were still inside the tunnel when their baby was born.

“I watched (the) clock and I felt more contraction (sic) coming in less than five minutes,” she said.

The baby doesn’t have a name yet, but she’s perfectly healthy despite her chaotic entrance.

Zaarour’s best friend got to the hospital around the same time as the baby.

“In the beginning I thought he was just kidding to make me a little bit afraid, but all the nurses were around and she had the baby in the car,” said her friend, Abir Elzaghir.

Zaarour was scheduled to be induced on Feb. 23, which is also the mother and her son’s birthday.

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