Woman injured while husband cuts grass, lawnmower throws debris that hits her in neck

A woman in South Dakota has been left with large gashes to her neck.

Kendra Jensen had gone outside to pick up toys as her husband cut the grass, KSFY reported.

She said she felt something hit her and at first, she thought it was a rock, but wasn't sure, according to KSFY.

But she was surprised by what she found.

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"I didn't know that my neck had been sliced open," Jensen told KSFY. "I was immediately like 'That hurt,' and so I grabbed my neck. That's when I realized I was bleeding and it was wet. I freaked out."

Andy Jensen grabbed a trauma bag that he stores in his truck. Kendra Jensen told KSFY she usually teases him about having it, telling him, "We're never going to need that."

Kendra Jensen said he wrapped gauze around her wounds until an ambulance arrived.

The gashes just missed her carotid artery, trachea and vocal cords, KSFY reported.

Kendra Jensen posted on Facebook about the injury to tell her family and friends what had happened, and as her story started traveling, she started receiving negative online messages, including some in which people blamed blaming her husband for her injuries, she told the station. She jumps to his defense, saying that he didn't know she was outside their home before the accident happened,

Andy Jensen has vowed, "Nobody is definitely going to be outside again when I'm mowing," KSFY reported.

Kendra Jensen told KSFY she still doesn't know what caused the wounds.

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