Deadly police chase: Stolen car being pursued was tracked with GPS

A car theft suspect who was being tracked by the vehicle’s owner through GPS sought to escape a deadly police pursuit on state Route 741 by jumping on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle near where she had wrecked the stolen Jeep, authorities said Thursday.

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Alyssa Irwin Debraux, 18, was detained Tuesday evening across from the Dayton Mall. Police said she traveled through Harrison Twp., Dayton, Moraine and Miami Twp. for about 30 minutes before the fatal collision involving a Moraine police cruiser and an unrelated vehicle whose driver later died.

The Jeep ended up on its top near state Route 725 just minutes after the owner’s call and after a failed escape through the mall parking lot.

“We catch her [sic] trying to jump back of some guy’s motorcycle” at a nearby Speedway, said Miami Twp. Police Capt. John Magill.

Magill described the scene as “a sizable number of people” and “a lot of pointing and shouting.”

Mary Taulbee, 57, of Lebanon, died after the Moraine cruiser driven the city’s 2017 Officer of the Year, Matt Barrie, collided with her Hyundai about 6:14 p.m.

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Irwin Debraux was booked into the Montgomery County Jail and may face “a slew of charges,” including vehicular homicide and manslaughter, Moraine Police Chief Craig Richardson said.

The fatal accident at state Route 741 and Carnation Road occurred three minutes after the female Jeep owner called Montgomery County Regional Dispatch to report she was tracking her stolen vehicle on GPS, records obtained by this news organization Thursday indicate.

She told a dispatcher at 6:11 p.m. she was tracking the vehicle on Needmore Road to I-75 before it turned onto state Route 741 in Moraine, according to a 911 call.

“It’s going toward Germantown Street … going toward Washington Street … on I-75 … past Edwin C. Moses Boulevard,” the caller said.

Dispatchers then contacted Moraine police.

Dispatch radioed Barrie at 6:12 p.m., informing him the stolen Jeep was in the city. During that exchange, Barrie said he spotted the vehicle and that it committed a traffic violation, according to audio recordings from the Moraine Police Division.

It “just ran a red light at Springboro and Jomar,” Barrie said. “Will be in pursuit.”

At 6:14 p.m., Barrie said, “I’ve been involved in a crash.”

Meanwhile, Miami Twp. officers responding the Moraine cruiser crash saw a Jeep matching the stolen vehicle’s description heading south on state Route 741, Magill said.

The officer “made (U) turn on that car really close to state Route 725” and “the black Jeep turned radically, went into the Dayton Mall,” Magill said.

“The officer followed,” he added. The Jeep “traveled at a high rate of speed through the Dayton Mall parking lot” before circling to a different exit.

“When it did so the vehicle hit the medium [sic] and another car and in the process got flipped on to its top,” and Irwin Debraux “crawled out of the wreckage and took off running over to the Speedway gas station,” Magill said.


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