New local consignment shop seeing growth during pandemic

New to the Dayton area, Chattels Consignments opened in March in Springboro after three family members turned their love of consignment shopping into a small business.

Co-owned by two sisters, Jenny LaJoye and Robyn Cochran, along with LaJoye’s fiancé Brain Bosworth, Chattels Consignments offers consignment furniture, art and home décor.

Cochran said the idea for the store came from a conversation that was had in January between the three of them, and two months later, they had opened their first retail endeavor.

“We got into consignment because we like to bring previously loved items to someone who will love it again,” Cochran said. “We like the treasure hunt of it all.”

Chattels reopened the store on May 15 after the statewide business shutdowns.

As brand-new business owners, Cochran said the shutdown experience elicited lots of emotions from the three of them, including fear.

“There wasn’t a whole lot we knew how to do at that point,” Cochran said. “We didn’t have our website up and running, we didn’t know what to do, (but) somehow we managed and here we are.”

Chattels Consignments’s website now features many items in their inventory, which provides a little peace of mind for the owners if the shutdown were to occur again.

“It was a learning experience, but hopefully we don’t have to use that knowledge again,” Cohran said.

Cochran said business has been steadily picking up every month but added that business could always be better.

Chattels Consignments offers a 90-day consignment period with a 50/50 price split on items brought in. After the 90-day period, items can either be picked up, or the items will be refurbished and donated to the needy.

Cochran said one of her favorite parts of running the store is interacting with the customers, like when customers send pictures of the items they bought put out in their homes.

Outside of the store, all three co-owners have other careers. LaJoye and Bosworth both work for an Alzheimer’s home in Dayton, and Cochran is a transaction coordinator for real estate.

Chattels Consignments is located 281 W. Central Ave., Springboro and is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

“We said we were going to come out stronger on the other side,” Cochran said. “That’s what we did, and we just take it one day at a time.”

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