More on school guns

Not surpringingly, we’ve gotten a lot of email about the Mad River Schools’ decision to make weapons available for staff in live-shooter situations. This came in from John R. Belluardo:

“I was taught gun safety and marksmanship from my math teacher in high school. We had our rifle range in the basement of the school where our rifles and ammunition were stored. We traveled throughout our county to other range-equipped schools to match shoot competitively. We were well trained as everyone should be and never in many years was there ever an accidental shooting.

“Gun-free schools are ideal targets and actually attract terrorists and mentally sick people since there is no danger to them. Knowing that there are guns on the premises and trained people who know how to use them is a deterrent to an attempt in itself. … There are far too many “soft targets” including schools in this country for police to protect.”

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