Readers’ minds on afterlife and taxes

Letters to the editor

Do evolutionists fear the end of life?

I agree that creationism should be taught in our schools as an alternative to evolution, but we know evolutionists will do anything in their power to see that creationism never is taught. Look at the power they have exerted on school boards across the land. Just look at how they have used the ACLU and other organizations to sue and sue again. Why are they so afraid? Can it be that at the end of evolutionist’s life, he or she has nothing to look forward to and they do not want the whole world to know it?

Creation believers, at the end of their lives, have a great future ahead of them. Creationism is a religion built on faith in the word of God.

However, evolution is also a religion built on a humanistic faith. Anything a person puts his or her faith in is a religion to that person. A smart person will always choose God’s way.


Workers from Oakwood could pay more taxes

I strongly oppose the Oakwood City Council’s proposed ordinance limiting the credit for income taxes paid to other cities to 1.75 percent. So should every Oakwood citizen who works in Dayton and Kettering who now face a total city tax increase of 0.5 percent without a vote of the taxpayers? That is a city tax increase of $500 per year on household employment income of $100,000.

When the city asked for (and received) a property tax increase in May 2013, I was led to believe that Oakwood had closed its budget gap and would not ask any group of taxpayers for more. I am sure I am not alone in this belief. It is not coincidence that, after the city received its property tax increase, the Oakwood Council now proposes to limit the income tax credit.

The limitation on the income tax credit clearly discriminates against Oakwood citizens who work in Dayton and Kettering, and for such large employers as the University of Dayton, Miami Valley Hospital and Kettering Medical Center. City Council should implement other alternatives to raise revenue and reduce costs before again reaching into the wallets of a select group of Oakwood taxpayers.


Speak up

Re “Death penalty debate rages,” Feb. 24: It seems to me the problem is endless appeals. Granted, a few should be available, but a judge or jury heard the evidence, came down with a verdict and after a few appeals and review of the case the verdict should be carried out in a timely manner. The victim and their families should be first priority, not the criminal.

I am having a very hard time with people that talk about the cruelty of the methods of the death penalty. The criminals do not think about the suffering of the victims when they are being raped, sliced, shot or whatever else is done. The criminal deserves all they get, even if it takes a long time for the medicine to work. They need to suffer also.

Re “Boehner’s vacation home not a signal of retirement,” Feb. 23: I have no problem with John Boehner’s condo purchase, but seriously question his financial management skills. He has been going to Marco Island for years and now he decides to buy an $835,000 condo, which he could have purchased 3-4 years ago for probably half the price. He might need an Econ 101 refresher course. Buy low, sell high. But why worry? He is only the overseer of our multi-trillion dollar budget.

Re school calamity days: Get rid of some of these ridiculous holidays and teacher work days that always seem to coincide together and there would be no need for this discussion. No way should there be a reduction in school days. Teaching is the only profession I know where you get a year’s salary for working part-time.

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