Thoughts about pellet guns

We asked after last week’s fatal shooting at a Beavercreek Walmart whether pellet guns should be regulated or displayed differently. Some responses:

  • These pellet and BB guns should have some markings to distinguish them from real guns. That would not only help law enforcement, but the average person, too. They would be less likely to panic at sight. … Store policy should have them secured. … they lock up tobacco and smokeless tobacco, perfumes, etc. So to save a life, put them in chain, lock in gun cases. — RON SLATTON

Air guns are not toys and should not be marked as such since they can cause damage, injury and even death. As to the recent incident at the Beavercreek Walmart, two real issues are at hand: Why was the man walking around in the store with an unpackaged air rifle? Why did he not comply when the officers told him to put the gun down?— LARRY HELTON

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