PHOTOS: UD students get creative at the start of new school year

Students are already moving back to campus at the University of Dayton and with them come the sheet signs.

Throughout the student neighborhood, students hang signs from the front of their campus houses. The signs are typically made with paint and bed sheets.

The signs have long been part of move-in at UD and some students display them during other times of the year as well, officials have told this news organization.

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While most signs are humorous, UD officials keep an eye out for any that may not be in line with the university’s values, said Cari Wallace, vice president of student development. UD owns most of the houses immediately surrounding campus and asks students to remove signs if they are deemed inappropriate.

“We have a monitoring system that is in place so if we have a sign that doesn’t represent the values of the institution we ask that to take them down,” Wallace said.

Some of this year’s signs mentioned UD’s former men’s basketball coach while another seemingly disguised a residence as a Waffle House.

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