Police respond to local man telling Social Security office, ‘you’re all going to die’

Middletown police responded to the report of a man saying “you’re all going to die” at the Social Security Administration office in Franklin on Monday, but the man later said he actually just meant they were “going to hell.”

The incident happened Monday morning at the office at 3715 Towne Blvd., according to a Middletown police report. The man, who was not arrested or charged, was upset for procedures he did not get done, and a security officer reported that the man said, “you’re all going to die” as he was leaving.

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Middletown police later made contact with the man.

“He stated that he was referring to that in a spiritual sense, that they are all going to Hell when they die,” the responding officer wrote in his report. “He stated that he did not mean it to imply that he was going to come back and cause any harm.”

The man was calm when talking to the officer and promised it would not happen again.

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