Police: Walmart parking lot skirmish including pry bar, glass cleaner leads to citations

Two people were cited for criminal mischief after an alternation that happened in an Oxford parking lot this week, according to a police report.

Police officers at the Oxford Walmart store at 9:30 p.m. April 7 saw a silver minivan intentionally back up and strike a Jeep and then moved to investigate as an altercation broke out in the parking lot.

Three people were engaged in a heated verbal exchange.

Jason Colwell, 41, was sitting inside the minivan. Two women were in the Jeep which had been driven by Roxanna Banks, 39.

The rear window of Colwell’s minivan was broken out, and glass was on the ground. He told the officers he had been sitting in the parking lot when the Jeep pulled up with Banks yelling at him from the driver’s seat. He said he had been involved in an altercation with Banks’ son earlier. He claimed Banks had swung a pry bar at him and missed but then smashed his vehicle window with it.

He said he threw the first thing he could find at her, which was a bottle of glass cleaner, causing her to retreat back to her vehicle. He admitted ramming her Jeep to disable it so she could not follow him.

Banks, however, said she and her friend were going to the store when she saw Colwell and told the officer she believed he was the one who “gouged out her son’s eyes” from an incident that occurred earlier. She said she approached him and he said he had a gun and would shoot her so she retreated as the bottle of glass cleaner was thrown at her.

She told the officer she grabbed the first thing she could to defend herself, the pry bar, and threw it toward the minivan while seated in her vehicle, breaking the rear window.

The pry bar was taken as evidence. Colwell and Banks were both cited for criminal mischief.

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