Rare, cobra-like snake observed at Texas state park

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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SEE: Photos of Rare, Cobra-Like Snake at Texas State Park

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Officials at a Texas state park posted photographs on social media of a rare snake that mimics a cobra when it feels threatened, the Houston Chronicle reported.

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The snake, an eastern hognose, was spotted Sunday at Brazos Bend State Park after recent rains flooded areas of the park, the newspaper reported.

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According to a Facebook post by park officials, the snake gets its name from its upturned snout, which is used for digging in sand or dirt.

When the reptile believes it is in danger, it raises it head and puffs it out to appear larger. It also flattens out the skin around its neck, making it look like a cobra, park officials wrote.

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The snake can be found in several colors, including yellow, gray, brown or red. The one spotted Sunday was orange and black, park officials said.

Unlike the cobra, the hognose's venom is not deadly. Park officials called it "mild" and said it was not harmful to humans, the Chronicle reported.

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When threatened, the snake can also play dead or spray a “foul, musky smell” to deter predators, the newspaper reported.

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