$3K stolen when someone gets into night deposit box slot in Middletown

More than $3,000 in money orders, checks and cash were reported stolen recently from the night deposit box at Shady Creek Apartments, 3910 Roosevelt Blvd. in Middletown, according to police.

An office manager told police that the money orders were checked on Jan. 3, but when they returned the next morning, some of them were missing, according to the police report.

Two money orders were found on the floor, and the drop box was empty.

The slot is like a mailbox slot in the wall, and somebody found out how to get into the mail slot, pulling the money orders out, according to the report.

There were four money orders missing, totaling $1,700; two personal checks totaling $845 and $515 in cash, totaling $3,060, the report said.

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