The notorious ‘Christmas killings’ of 1992: Map and timeline

From Dec. 24-26, 1992, six people were killed and two were injured in one of the bloodiest killing sprees in Dayton’s history, which has become known as the “Christmas killings.”

Four people were convicted of the killings:

• Marvallous Keene, 19 (at the time), who was later executed

• Heather Nicole Matthews, 20

• DeMarcus Maurice Smith, 19, Matthews’ boyfriend

• Laura Taylor, 16, Keene’s girlfriend

Here’s a look at where the events occurred and what happened during that infamous three-day span:

1. First victim killed then found later

Thursday, Dec. 24 | Joseph Wilkerson, the first victim, is shot to death Dec. 24 inside his home at 3321 Prescott Ave. He wasn't found until Saturday, Dec. 26.

2. Shooting at pay phone

Thursday, Dec. 24 | Danita Gullette, 18, of 709 Five Oaks Ave., Apt. 6, is shot numerous times while standing at a pay phone at 517 Neal Ave.

3. Non-fatal shooting

Thursday, Dec. 24 | Jeffrey Wright, 28, of 1114 Akron Place, is shot four times outside 157 Yuma Place. He survived.

4. Shooting in a car

Friday, Dec. 25 | Richmond Maddox, 19, of 3938 Larkspur Drive, is shot once in the head while driving his car on Benton Avenue. He dies from the gunshot.

5. Shooting at mini market

Saturday, Dec. 26 | Three people enter the Short-Stop Mini Market, 1201 W. Fifth St., and shoot clerk Sarah Abraham and customer Jones Pettus during a robbery. Abraham dies five days later and Pettus survives.

6. Suspects arrested

Saturday, Dec. 26 | A Dayton police sergeant spots a black Dodge Shadow used by some of the assailants at 725 Kumler Ave. Police arrest four people in the car and confiscate several weapons.

7. Final victims found

Sunday, Dec. 27 | Police receive a tip and soon find a 16-year-old girl and 18-year-old man shot to death at a city-owned gravel dump at 1654 Richley Drive.

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