The Path Forward: How to follow and get involved in this Dayton Daily News project

The Dayton Daily News kicked off our The Path Forward project because we love this community and want it to be the best it can be.

That means building off our strengths and addressing our weaknesses. We’re not naïve. We know many of Dayton’s problems have long coattails. But we also know this community and its history of overcoming obstacles. We think if we work together we can accomplish a lot.


With the help of many of you, along with community leaders and our citizen advisory board, we identified three initial topics that require immediate attention: the addiction crisis, problems in the Dayton Public Schools and the overall performance of the region’s economy. The reporters on The Path Forward team are digging into each of these areas and reporting as they go.

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The Editors

Samantha Sommer, John Erickson, Ron Rollins 

The Reporters 

Katie Wedell, Josh Sweigart, Lynn Hulsey 

Our advisory board 

Cassie Barlow, Raphael Carranza, Rusty Clifford, Rob Connelly, Juanita Darden-Jones, Jill Dietrich, Diane Ewing, Doug Fecher, Deb Feldman, Steve Haller, Shannon Isom, Jeff Kruithoff, George Lewis, Nick Ripplinger, Vanessa Ward, Kevin Weckesser


We need your help as we engage the community in a conversation about solutions to our biggest problems. We’ve set up Facebook groups around each topic so that you can have your voices heard. Our goal is to channel your ideas into solutions that work. So, let’s get started.

Addiction crisis and recovery

Reporter: Katie Wedell

How to reach Katie: 937-328-0353 | Email her

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Dayton Public Schools

Reporter: Josh Sweigart

How to reach Josh: 937-328-0374 | Email him

Join The Path Forward: Dayton Schools Facebook group

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Jobs and the economy

Reporter: Lynn Hulsey

How to reach Lynn: 937-225-7455 | Email her

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