We went to a night of professional wrestling in Hamilton. Here’s what happened.

Editor's Note: This story first published on March 5, 2019. It is being republished as Future Great Wrestling prepares to celebrate its one-year anniversary in Hamilton.

When Future Great Wrestling hosted its Friday Night Fury event on Feb. 22, 2019, most of the $8 front-row tickets were sold out before doors opened to the general public at 6:30 p.m.

By the time the bell rang for the first wrestling action of the night at 7:30, more 150 people packed the seats surrounding the ring in the 190 N. Brookwood Ave. venue, according to Future Great Wrestling owner Brian LeVick.


This was the third and latest professional wrestling event in Hamilton, which had been debated by neighbors and months in the making. The operators had to update the facility and convince those nearby that the events would be safe and not bring an undesired element to the neighborhood.

We were curious what those events would be like when they happened, so we spent a night there chronicling the elbows, throws, celebrations and crowd reactions.

The cheers and boos spread as the lights dimmed and first match of the night got started. Fans are a big part of the event, and the close proximity to the ring gives the impression they are part of the show.

Almost every wrestler made a lap around the ring before the match to give high-fives to the front row attendees.

There was a theatrical feel, with some of the performances partially choreographed and some purely reactive to the mood of the fans in that particular moment.

Music blasted during down time, and the crowd was not shy about dancing or singing along. It was a very interactive experience, and that continued into the intermission. Fans headed to the lobby to get photos taken, get autographs signed and purchase T-shirts and posters of their favorite performers.

The wrestlers were easily accessible and were not shy about talking about their love of the sport.

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“You can expect the unexpected because you never know what you’re going to get,” said Bad Attitude Brian Beech, one of the Future Great Wrestling wrestlers.

When asked what got him into wrestling he said, “It’s a childhood dream, it’s a passion, it’s a lifestyle, it’s in my blood.

“I guarantee if you just come that one time you’ll be hooked,” Beech said. “Just give it one time, and I guarantee you’ll be here every Friday.”

The six matches and events lasted over two hours. The front-row seats are about six feet from the ring, and there are only three rows on most sides, which kept the attendees close.

There was a female match, too, between Hamilton’s Shawna Reed, known as Pretty Little Psycho, and her opponent, Thunderkitty.

Owner Brian LeVick explained Future Great Wrestling as “action-packed wrestling, hard-hitting and a great family experience.”

“If you’re a fan of action, drama, intrigue, spending time with your family, going out on Friday night instead of just staying home, and just having… fun, then Future Great Wrestling is the place you want to be,” LeVick said.

Future Great Wrestling Friday Night Fury 

190 N. Brookwood Avenue in Hamilton

$8 front row tickets, $6 general admission

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