What they’re saying about State Issue 1: Why they support or oppose the issue

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What would State Issue 1 do?

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Ohio voters next month will decide State Issue 1, a proposed constitutional amendment that would change sentencing guidelines for some drug crimes and affect other aspects of those crimes.

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Here’s a sampling of responses to Issue 1. We’ll continue to update this story as more officials announce their stance:

FOR: Richard Cordray, Ohio gubernatorial candidate

"As governor, I will work with law enforcement to make sure drug dealers are convicted and serve long prison sentences while people who need substance abuse treatment can get it in our communities." Read more on Cordray's response.

AGAINST: Mike DeWine, Ohio gubernatorial candidate

"It would gut the progress we have made and destroy lives, destroy families." Read more on DeWine's response.

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Mike DeWine and Richard Cordray give their stance on State Issue 1.

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FOR: John Legend, Grammy award-winning artist

"This November you have a chance to take action for our communities, instead of waiting for politicians. Issue 1 reduces imprisonment for nonviolent low-level drug offenses, frees up money for drug treatment and crime victims - and gives people a second chance." Read more on Legend's response.

AGAINST: Maureen O'Connor, Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice

"If Issue 1 passes, Ohio might have some of the most lenient drug crime laws in the nation." Read more on O'Connor's response.

AGAINST: Richard Jones, Butler County Sheriff

"(Issue 1) is not going to empty the prisons out, it is not going to empty the jails out. What it is going to do is kill more people." Read more on Jones' response.

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