Man attempts world record for jumping jacks while on fire at Nicolas Cage-themed festival

DETROIT – A burning stuntman attempted to break the world record for jumping jacks while on fire Saturday evening during a Nicolas Cage-themed festival in Michigan.

Schuyler White, credited as Cage's stunt double in 2016 film "Dog Eat Dog," was set on fire ahead of his attempt at doing more than 30 jumping jacks at Veterans Park for the sixth annual Nicolas UnCaged event. He completed 12, as counted by an on-site official.

The  record for "Most consecutive jumping jacks (full-body burn)" was previously set by Sean Kinney on Aug. 13, 2015 in Los Angeles, according to Guinness World Records.

The festival, which continued at the Planet Ant theater in Hamtramck, features screenings of Nicolas Cage films and, during intermission, Cage-inspired songs, skits, poetry and more.

Cage isn't personally associated with the event and has never previously made an appearance. But in 2017, he crashed a similar but separate festival in Austin, Texas,  surprising and delighting fans with an Edgar Allen Poe reading, reported.

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