Same-sex penguin couple care for foster egg

At Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, love wins.

Same-sex couple Sphen and Magic, also know as Sphengic, are often seen going for swims together in the penguin expedition.

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Even though they don’t have a biological egg of their own, they’re just as much a part of the breeding season as the heterosexual penguins.

They were inseparable, and even began nesting, thinking they should be welcoming a baby.

They did so well at making a home, the aquarium gave them a fake egg so they could practice incubating.

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As it turns out, they make a pretty great pair. And now they are foster parents. They were given a real egg to care for from a penguin couple that had two.

The aquarium said the penguins have a unique way of showing their love for one another. Sphen gave Magic a special stone, which they say is just like a proposal.

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