Larry K. Carpenter, 71 years old, born October 13, 1949, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, February 28th. Larry leaves behind his loving family, wife Ann and son David. He is survived by his brother Steve Carpenter (Susan), niece Cari Carpenter, nephew Steve

Carpenter (Hayden), great-nephew Warren Carpenter

and his mother-in-law, Mary

Bannister. Larry is preceded in death by his parents, James and Beatrice Carpenter, and his father-in-law, Judge Richard Bannister.

Family, friends, and business partners across the country describe Larry as a brilliant and unassuming person who loved life, especially all types of outdoor adventures, hunting,

fishing, flying, music, travel, and a great debate about any topic that interested him.

Larry was an inspiration to many people throughout his life. He encouraged all to work hard to achieve goals in life that would lead to lasting happiness. Larry himself achieved great accomplishments in his life as an electrical engineer, business developer, business advisor and mentor, and a designer and builder of fine homes, a hunting camp, an indoor recreational facility, a horse rescue farm, and even a private airport in


Larry was born in Dayton, Ohio. At age 8 he moved to Miami Springs, Florida, and quickly became an avid Florida and

Bahamas outdoorsman. Larry enjoyed hunting and fishing in the Everglades, free diving and spearfishing in the Florida Keys, and fishing and diving in the Bahamas. Larry designed and built swamp buggies and half-tracks to access the

Everglades and any other remote area he wanted to explore.

Larry graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Electrical Engineering. His career began at Florida, Power and Light, where he ultimately held the position of Executive Vice President of Development at ESI Energy, Inc. Larry retired from FP&L at the age of 49. In 1999, he joined Caithness

Energy Corporation, a privately owned energy company, as a partner and Executive Vice President of Caithness Energy, and President of Caithness Equities Corporation. Larry retired from Caithness Energy in 2004. He continued to follow his passion for the energy business and to pursue his own energy

development inventions throughout his life.

Larry gave much of his time and resources to help others in his Florida and Alaska communities. He built an indoor

recreational facility in Jupiter, Florida, for his son and other athletes to use to further their athletic dreams. He created a beautiful ranch that became a horse rescue and sanctuary for more than 50 horses. Larry also built a remote hunting camp in the Alaska bush for friends and associates to enjoy

throughout the year. Many people came to Larry for business advice and financial backing to pursue their dreams. If he

believed someone was willing to work hard to achieve those dreams, he was always generous with his support.

Larry met Ann in 1998 and they were married in 1999. He devoted the rest of his life to her and to their son, David, who was born in 2002. Larry's greatest love, joy and passion was for David. He spared no amount of his wisdom, knowledge, or resources to help David achieve his own goals and dreams; whether academic, athletic, or professional. In all aspects of David's life, Larry tirelessly promoted the vital role of hard, methodical work and to the importance of a strong, personal work ethic as it relates to one's success. Larry taught by

example what it meant to be a vigilant and principled man; a man who takes personal responsibility for his ideas and his

actions and who demands no less of others than he does of himself. Larry shared with David his love of the outdoors, love of travel and adventure, the love of all genres of music and the love of flying. He shared his passion for life with David and he was his sons biggest cheerleader; he believed with his whole heart that David could achieve any dream in life. It was evident to all that Larry devoted his life to David and to

David's happiness, and that they shared an unbreakable bond.

Larry was an extraordinary person who loved life, enjoyed many interests, and who was passionate about the people he loved, especially his cherished son. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him and will forever be known as the most

incredible husband, father, brother, uncle, and friend.

Larry's exceptional life will be honored in a celebration of life

gathering in the near future. Until we meet again, Godspeed, our Beloved.