Cortner, Craig Allen

Craig Allen Cortner III

7/21/1990 - 8/3/2019

Happy 31st Birthday Son!

My first born, my rock, my best friend, the first of my three every things, Happy Birthday. I know in my heart you're in Heaven smiling down on us, knowing your mother got you and that we are making you proud. But, the truth is I'm missing you like crazy. Your brothers are having a hard time not being able to see and talk to you. The division of three the hard way is very difficult for them. Your children miss you beyond comprehension. Your grandmothers, aunts, great uncles, cousins and true friends are missing you dearly. This journey without you isn't fair, but it's one I've been forced to take. Your presence will never be forgotten, nor will all of the great memories of you. I remember everywhere we went and every state we visited. People thought you and I were a couple, the laughter we'd share at their thoughts are irreplaceable. The swag you have and the way you would walk with your head to the sky said it all. You were proud to announce that I was your mother and you know I was even prouder to announce that I was your mother. You know I was even prouder to announce that you were my first born son. I will never be able to come to terms with losing you, but the one thing that brings me a little peace is knowing that you knew how much you were loved.

Your brothers, cousins, close friends and I all have you inked into our skin, where you will be forever until we meet again. I'm loving you always, forever and ever and again.

Rest Easy My Love,