JEPSON, Bernhart Earl

JEPSON, Dr. Bernhart Earl

Dr. Bernhart Earl Jepson, 83, died November 2 at his home in Centerville. He was born in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, June 28, 1938, to Nels Bernhardt and Fern Tracy Jepson. After

receiving his first degree from University of Wisconsin,

Madison, he spent most of his life in Ohio, first working for Sohio as a chemical engineer, then earning more degrees and working as an isotope chemist. Much of his work was

classified, but some remains available on the internet in the form of many patents Bernie earned and registered. As a youth, Bernie enjoyed being an Eagle Scout and enjoyed

outdoor activities, especially wilderness camping in the north woods of Wisconsin and canoeing the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. He taught himself how to play chess and there is evidence of this with a 5x7 photo of Bernie playing chess with Bobby Fischer. He continued playing chess all his life and played chess by mail for a long time in the world of postcards in snail mail. After retiring from laboratory work, Bernie

dipped into the academic world as a chemistry professor at Wilmington College. He had a great sense of humor and will be remembered for his patience as a caregiver to his wife for the last several years of her life. Bernie is survived by his sons, Brett and Kettrick, as well as his sister, Jean Jepson and

brother, Dale (Debra) Jepson of Appleton, Wisconsin, along with nieces and nephews. Dr. Jepson is preceded in death by his wife of 58 years, Anna Mae Tate, and his brother, Gary Jepson. Please visit to leave the family an online condolence.