McLemore, Donald

Donald Rodney McLemore Sr.

Rise: June 29, 1960 - Sunset: May 12, 2021

A Memorial Day Tribute to my Dad, Donald Rodney McLemore Sr:

Father's Day is coming soon and unfortunately, we now live in a world where there seems to be very little to no appreciation for them. For their children and everyone else they inspire, a great father can foster encouragement over discouragement, courage over fear, victory over defeat, love over hatred, joy over sorrow, success over failure, and even life over death.

Dad inspired me throughout my entire life, and he deserves to be remembered as someone who led by example as well as fostered many great things. Anyone can pretend to care about others, but it takes someone truly genuine and authentic to solidify a legacy that demonstrates such caring. While my sister and I are his only biological children, Dad was like a father to many other children who desperately needed one. Dad was truly a great husband, father, father-in-law, uncle, grandfather, teacher, tutor, coach, Engineer, and mentor.

It has been two years since Dad went home to live for eternity with our Lord and Savior Christ Yeshua. Yes, live. Think about it. For those who transition from this world as Christian believers, the afterlife in the presence of our Savior is infinitely better than this one. I have heard many people share their experiences after passing away and coming back here express this very sentiment.

Christians mourn our loved ones when they depart too, but we do so with a blessed hope that when the Lord resurrects them, we will be reunited forever. I Thessalonians 4:13-18 explains this. However, we must not quit running the Christian race and keep pressing on to the finish line. Every day that we draw breath on this Earth matters for both believers and unbelievers: For unbelievers, they are given yet another chance to repent and turn to Christ for salvation before it is too late. However, we as believers are blessed to be given a chance to grow closer to Christ and serve him. Dad served the Lord for many, many years when he was here with us in the flesh. Although I miss him every day and am sometimes mournful, I also rejoice knowing that now Dad has won his race.

- Donald Rodney McLemore Jr.

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