U.S. employees: 28,000. About 79 percent work in manufacturing.

Ohio employees: 13,700. Some 1,000 employees commute to plants from the Dayton area and nearly 1,500 drive from Clark and Champaign counties. The Troy Midwest Consolidation Center has about 225 employees.

Ohio suppliers: 155 in 2012, $9.2 billion in purchases in 2012, $34 billion in past five years.

Investments in Ohio plants:

Past three years: $870 million in East Liberty, Marysville, Anna and Russells Point plants.

2012: $497.2 million at the same plants. (The automaker does not release investment figures for other Honda operations, such as Honda R&D, Honda Engineering and Honda Troy distribution centers.)

The automaker is also transforming a former logistics site into an assembly site for the new Acura NSX.

East Liberty Assembly changes: Expanding assembly, the vehicle quality area, onsite consolidation, remaking the paint line, $181 million of renovations total.

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