IHOP makes it official: IHOb is all about ‘burgers, burgers, burgers’

The restaurant formerly known as IHOP has confirmed with a tweet Monday morning that its new name, IHOb, is all about the burgers.

Last week the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) announced it is changing its name to "IHOb." It promised to explain what the "b" stood for on Monday, June 11.

However, it appears the secret may have leaked early as IHOPs began putting out signs ahead of the 11th. Matt Weinberger of Business Insider found a sign implying the "b" could mean "burger". The sign advertised "new ultimate steakburgers."

"The IHOP I visited had a specials board with a bunch of seemingly new burger options," he wrote. "However, IHOP fans should take heart, as it doesn't seem like the chain is eliminating its trademark pancakes altogether."

Twitter user @SlimKardashianT, who lists her location as Atlanta, snapped this photo with no other information. The photo shows a sign similar to the one from Business Insider's story, with an advertisement for steakburgers.

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In the meantime, Twitter users had a lot of guesses what that "b" means.

Others were less than happy the change was happening at all.

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