5 reasons to visit the last lunch counter in Dayton

Credit: Staff photo by Connie Post

Credit: Staff photo by Connie Post

Falb's Restaurant is one of the last of its kind.

The old lunch-style counter, which was geared toward serving on-the-go factory workers with short lunch breaks, serves its food cafeteria style. It's ready to be eaten in minutes, and customers can add their own toppings like onions, horseradish and more.

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Here are five reasons you should visit:

1.) It's a true Dayton Original. It's been owned by the same family for three generations.

2.) The food is fresh and homemade. It includes hearty staples like meatloaf, polish sausage, pork tenderloin, soups and sloppy joes.

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3.) There's a bar. It's not fancy, but beers and high-balls are the standard.

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Credit: Staff photo by Connie Post

Credit: Staff photo by Connie Post

4.) It's cheap. SUPER cheap. Lunch for two can clock in at under $10.

5.) Cabbage Rolls and oh, cabbage ROLLS 

Credit: Falb's Restaurant

Credit: Falb's Restaurant

September through March, Falb’s famous, crowd-pleasing rolls are available every third Friday of the month starting at 9:30 a.m. until supplies run out. Rolls are $5 and dinners are $8.

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Want to go?
WHAT: Falb's Restaurant
WHERE: 201 Kiser St., Dayton
INFO: 937-224-4496

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