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I've been a part of the Storm Center 7 team at WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio since September 2012.  As the Midday Meteorologist, you'll see me on News Center 7 at noon and 5:30pm Monday through Friday. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology from SUNY Oswego, New York in 2005. Soon after graduation I went to work as a meteorologist for CNN Headline News Radio in Newburgh, NY. In 2011, I made my jump to television as the weekend meteorologist for Verizon FiOS1 News. My forecasts were aired in New Jersey and across Long Island, NY. I also had the pleasure of broadcasting weather for the Yankees on the YES Network and for the Jets and Giants home games at MetLife stadium. Some of my achievements include being awarded the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society based on my working knowledge of meteorology. I’m also honored to have placed second in the Ohio Regional APME Awards for ‘Best Weathercast’, and to be nominated for the 2016 Ohio Valley Regional Emmy Awards in the category for weather. When I’m not on-air, I love connecting with my viewers. . OrderedDict([('b', 'Connect with McCall')]) OrderedDict([('i', OrderedDict([('b', OrderedDict([('br', None), ('#text', 'Favorite Things')]))]))]) OrderedDict([('b', 'Book:'), ('#text', '“State of Fear” by Michael Chrichton')]) OrderedDict([('b', 'CBS show(s):'), ('#text', 'NCIS and Criminal Minds')]) OrderedDict([('b', 'Dream car:'), ('#text', 'Maserati')]) OrderedDict([('b', 'Food:'), ('#text', 'Ice Cream!!!')]) OrderedDict([('b', 'Dayton area place:'), ('#text', 'The Greene')]) OrderedDict([('b', 'Movies:'), ('#text', 'The Notebook & Guys and Dolls')]) OrderedDict([('b', 'Music:'), ('#text', 'Frank Sinatra')]) OrderedDict([('b', 'Travel destination:'), ('#text', 'North Myrtle Beach to see my grandmother')]) OrderedDict([('i', OrderedDict([('b', 'Q & A')]))]) OrderedDict([('b', 'Where were you born?')]) -          Suffern, NY OrderedDict([('b', 'Where did you grow up?')]) -          Campbell Hall, NY OrderedDict([('b', 'What was your favorite tv show back then?')]) -          Family Matters OrderedDict([('b', 'What was the first thing you ever wanted to be?')]) -          A Rockette in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular OrderedDict([('b', 'How might someone have described you in high school?')]) -          Extremely outgoing, funny and caring. OrderedDict([('b', 'What was your first job?')]) -          Working the 10 items or less line at a local grocery store called “The Grand Union”. OrderedDict([('b', 'What was your first job in television?')]) -          Weekend Meteorologist at Verizon FiOS1 News New Jersey, and Long Island. OrderedDict([('b', 'What do you like about your job?')]) -          The challenge that each storm brings to the table. OrderedDict([('b', 'What do you not like about your job?')]) -          The potential for long hours. I remember working close to 24 hours straight during Hurricane Irene. OrderedDict([('b', 'What might people be surprised to know about you?')]) -          I participated in beauty pageants until the age of 13.  On the more athletic side, I played soccer through college. OrderedDict([('b', 'What is the hardest thing you ever did?')]) -          Leave my family OrderedDict([('b', 'What would be a perfect day for you?')]) -          Camping with my fiancé, Dan, and our dog, Mischief. OrderedDict([('b', 'What advice would you have for someone wanting to go into the business?')]) -          Like every job, broadcast meteorology has its ups and downs.  But if you love it enough, you can’t go wrong.  There is always plenty of excitement, and new things to learn. OrderedDict([('b', 'If you could only keep one 5-minute tape from your career what would be on it?')]) -          My first day on air, broadcasting during Hurricane Irene, and my first day here at WHIO-TV.
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