How you can get paid to travel and create a new yogurt flavor

Noosa is no stranger to interesting flavors.

With Mexican chocolate, pear cardamom and raspberry habanero, the Colorado-based yogurt company isn’t afraid to go beyond the basic tastes for its products.

Now Noosa is seeking help in coming up with more flavors.

The company is seeking five “flavor finders” to come up with new varieties. Applicants can go on Twitter or Instagram and post photos of “food that inspires your dream flavor” and “a caption that describes your foodie flavor inspiration” while tagging the company (@noosayoghurt) and adding the hashtag #flavorfindercontest. Or, photos can be loaded on Noosa’s website.

Applications will be accepted until April 20. Those selected – who “must be willing to try new foods and flavor combinations” and “have a zest for adventure” — will work between May 7 and Sept. 1 to submit their flavor. Included in the job is a free trip to Noosa’s farm in Bellvue, Colo., and a $2,000 travel stipend — although traveling isn’t a necessity for the gig.

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