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SpiderLight CameraHolster (Spider)

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SpiderLight CameraHolster (Spider)

Several travel goods make picture-taking and packing appropriate gear much easier. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, strap-free carrying solutions, an automatic backup device and a backpack loaded with pockets and thoughtful organization give photographers options for prepping and organizing their supplies for any photography occasion and adventure.

The sturdy metal SpiderLight ($95) is a holster designed for mirrorless and lightweight pro cameras that slips onto any belt to keep the camera handy at hip-length. Photographers can ditch cumbersome camera straps yet remain hands-free and able to quickly react to capture the perfect shot. A two-position lock allows for both lock-in-place and quick-draw modes. The holster is adjustable for multiple styles of camera bodies and grip configurations and is compatible with any tripod plate.

The SpiderLight Camera System ($125-$220) includes the SpiderLight Camera Holster and a slim and ergonomic SpiderLight Belt. Available in a single or dual camera system, it allows photographers to attach all Spider lens pouches and belt-mounted accessories with ease and in any shooting environment.

The SpiderLight Backpacker Kit ($125) includes a SpiderLight Camera Holster that can be worn on a belt, backpack or messenger bag strap. A quick snap-in connection securely fastens the SpiderLight Backpacker to your bag's strap. The kit is fully compatible with GoPro accessories/cameras. (

Protect photos as you go with MEEM ($59), a premium backup device that charges and automatically stores photos as well as videos, contacts and more to the cable itself every time you charge. The patented device lets users back up any smartphone or tablet directly onto the MEEM cable, and a PIN security ensures third parties won’t be able to access the owner’s data if the cable is borrowed or lost.

MEEM has the ability to back up three devices to one cable and can ramp up to 2.8 amps of charging power. An app lets users easily see and manage all stored data, and having the device means you can eliminate cloud subscription fees and costs associated with other storage solutions. MEEM is available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB for iOS and 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB for Android. (

Stow everything needed for a photography outing in the Victorinox Deluxe Fliptop Laptop Backpack ($159) with handy essentials organizer and a compact tri-fold design for use on its own. Designed and engineered in Switzerland, the backpack is fully loaded, including a series of pockets, storage slots and accessory loops that customize perfectly for camera gear — batteries, memory cards, lenses, portable tripod, cleaning gear, etc. The essentials organizer is also equipped with loops and variously sized pockets, including a zippered mesh pocket for cords, cables, chargers, pens and other gear.

Elegant and durable in ballistic weave fabric with leather-look trim on its front, the bag is a comfortable carry with a padded back panel, padded and adjustable shoulder straps and a soft-grip haul handle. In addition to the bag's abundance of storage space that includes a zippered lid pocket with a zippered mesh pocket, it holds a laptop and tablet and comes with a screwdriver/bottle opener. (

No matter what type of equipment travelers use for taking pictures, Wilson Barrett, expedition guide/wilderness explorer with UnCruise Adventures, cautioned photographers not to let their gear get in the way of enjoying picture-taking adventures.

“Don’t get hung up on technology,” Barrett said. “The price of your camera won’t dictate the quality of the memories captured. The best camera — gear, too — is whatever won’t encumber your experience out in the field.”

Wherever they’re shooting, Barrett advises shutterbugs to live in the moment.

"No matter how diligent I am at capturing the moment on film, there always comes a time when I need to just set the camera down," he said. "The best camera is your brain and the best lenses are above your nose. No matter how potent a picture can be, life happens in the moment." (

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