Travel goods for today: Briggs & Riley marks 25 years of innovation

Credit: Briggs & Riley

Credit: Briggs & Riley

First with a lifetime luggage guarantee. First to place trolley bar handles on the outside of the bag, thereby freeing up precious packing space while simultaneously creating a flat packing area, the end result being wrinkle-free clothing. First to introduce the checkpoint-friendly laptop bag.

It’s not surprising that Briggs & Riley, founded in 1993 and today one of the one of the leading manufacturers in the specialty luggage category, has a long list of ingenious firsts. After all, it was its very own parent company, U.S. Luggage, that completely revolutionized the luggage industry back in 1970 by putting wheels on cases — literally an out-of-the-box innovation that put a spring in the step of millions of travelers.

The latest? Variable expansion.


With its Transcend VX collection, Briggs & Riley serves up a brash new breakthrough — letting travelers tailor luggage space to their specific needs.

“The cases can expand up to two and a half inches to give travelers extra packing space and customizable capacity while still retaining structure and shape and providing greater support,” said Briggs & Riley CEO Richard Krulik. “It’s really luggage that adjusts to the traveler, and not the other way around.”

How does this happen? Simply disengage the VX plates located at the top and bottom of the case interior. Lift the frame to the height you need to fit all your belongings. Complete packing and zip closed.

Voila! Case space has been customized to your trip needs, and for those travelers who love to travel light and fast, the 21- and 22-inch bags still meet carry-on requirements. Additionally, there is no zipper expansion feature to mess with and no lopsided bag. When the trip is over and you’ve unpacked, reduce the case back down by snapping the VX plates drop back into place.

Living up to its name, this sleek collection goes beyond expectations with a thoughtfully designed interior that includes an integrated suiter; ergonomically designed soft-touch handle grips; a SmartLink system so travelers can attach one hard-sided bag to another; a discreet SpeedThru Pocket to hold small items at security checkpoints; smooth-rolling double spinner wheels; and those space-enhancing signature Outsider handles Briggs & Riley originated.

Collection pieces include 21-, 22-, 26- and 29-inch cases plus a 14-inch rolling cabin bag, all of which pair seamlessly with soft companion pieces, including a clamshell cabin bag, shopping tote and cargo backpack. Ultra-durable two-tone nylon twill accented with black trim gives cases a professional look. The collection comes in merlot, slate and rainforest — one of the most popular colors in the Briggs & Riley palette portfolio. Retails range from $149 (tote) to $529.


Stepping up to meet and exceed business travelers’ demands for more flexibility and mobility for life on the go is the company’s all-new and redefined @work collection of backpacks, briefs and rolling bags ($88/tech kit-$499/large spinner brief). It’s all about the bold new look, personalization options, luxurious leather accents and detailing to the nth degree.

The bag’s rugged ballistic nylon gets a sophisticated flourish with leather accents and touchpoints and a leather nameplate for (complimentary) monogramming. Collection pieces come in business black with some also offered in the coordinating companion color of silver.

Signature features include a SpeedThru Pocket for laptop, a slip-thru back panel on smaller pieces so they can be perched on larger bags, and a patented Interlocking Handle that secures the @work bag atop any Briggs & Riley rolling upright or Spinner bag. Organization is road-ready with RFID-blocking pockets and padded tablet compartments. 

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