Breezy day; warmer temperatures incoming

A warm front is incoming today, bringing warmer conditions and breezier winds, the National Weather Service said.

A short weather wave brings a possibility of a few snow flurries this morning, the NWS said.

Today has a high of 48 degrees. The wind gusts will range from 14 to 21 mph, possibly up to 37 mph., the NWS said. Partial sunshine is expected to adorn the sky.

Tonight brings mostly clear skies and colder temperatures. The low be 31 degrees and winds will have lessened, ranging around 8 to 10 mph.

Monday’s work week sees warm weather settling in as the day will be mostly sunny with a high of 59 degrees. A somewhat calm wind breeze is expected, ranging from 7 to 15 mph.

Monday night drops down to 42 degrees and people will likely see a mostly cloudy nighttime.

Tuesday’s warm weather seems to remain with a high of 56. The day may bring in a 20% chance of rain before 1 p.m.

The day will be mostly cloud.

Wednesday will be mostly sunny and sees a dip in cooler temperatures with a low of 39 degrees.

Wednesday’s night brings in a bit of warmer temperatures with a temperature of 46 degrees.

Nighttime skies are expected to be partly cloudy.

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