Cooler through end of the week; Air quality alerts in effect across area



Cooler weather will continue through the end of the week, with air quality alerts today due to smoke from Canadian wildfires.

Air quality alerts are in effect across the region until midnight, issued by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, Regional Air Pollution Control Agency and Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency.

During the day, the agencies said they expect to see elevated air pollution that is considered “unhealthy for sensitive groups,” like children, elderly people, and people with cardiac and respiratory diseases.

The agencies also said residents could help reduce air pollution by carpooling, avoiding driving or idling vehicles, refueling vehicles after 8 p.m., mowing the lawn in the evening and avoiding using has-powered equipment.

Otherwise, today will be mostly cloudy to start, with skies clearing during the morning. Despite sunny and clear conditions, skies will look hazy from wildfire smoke.

Highs will be around 76 degrees. Overnight, it will be mostly clear with a low around 49 degrees.

Thursday will be mostly sunny with highs around 77 degrees, followed by a mostly clear night with lows around 50 degrees.

On Friday, there will be a few more clouds in the afternoon, with highs reaching up around 79 degrees.

It will be partly cloudy overnight, with lows around 54 degrees.

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