Windy weather today, freezing rain possible tomorrow morning

While today’s weather will be mild with some high winds, tomorrow the area may see freezing rain and showers. Wind gusts today could reach as high as 24 mph, the National Weather Service in Wilmington said.

Today, temperatures will likely range between 53 degrees and 27 degrees. During the day, the wind will likely range between 5 and 13 mph. The skies today will likely be cloudy.

Tomorrow, the area may see freezing rain before 11 a.m., then rain throughout the day. The day will be windy, with gusts reaching as high as 29 mph during the day. Showers will continue through the day until around 3 a.m. Temperatures will hover around 35 degrees the NWS said.

On Tuesday, more showers and clouds are expected, with most of the rain predicted for before 2 p.m. Temperatures will be slightly warmer, ranging between 61 and 41 degrees.

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