Connor Group building honored with architecture award


Connor Group building honored with architecture award

The architecture firm that designed the Connor Group building at Dayton Wright Brother’s Airport has received the American Institute of Architects Ohio Honor Award for newly completed buildings.

Moody Nolan, a Columbus-based architecture firm, designed the building, which opened in 2014 at the intersection of Ohio 741 and Austin Boulevard in Miami Twp.

Larry Connor, managing partner, and Chris Mullins, partner at the Connor Group, were also intricately involved in the design and creation of this state-of-the-art building, according to a company release.

“We are firm in our belief that People Count. It’s one of our core values,” Connor said in the release. “The philosophy behind the building was to have an environment that’s exciting, innovative and creative. We wanted to build the best office facility for our associates; they make the difference in the organization.”

Most of the company’s Class A apartment holdings are outside of the Dayton area, though the company does own five communities in Dayton as part of its $1.6 billion in assets.

“We wanted to make a statement about Dayton,” Larry said. “We get tagged as a Rust Belt city but there is innovation and technology and forward thinking in this community. We hoped this building would represent our region as vibrant and innovative.”

The 39,000-square-foot, two story building boasts a two-story, 3,495 square foot atrium with a 2,740 square foot ceiling skylight. It features office and meeting spaces that incorporate the latest technology, such as video conferencing systems, automatic window shades. The building also has a workout and training facility and a dog run.

Surrounded by a reflecting pool, the exterior of the building consists of a combination of brushed aluminum and Dynamic Glass – or “smart glass,” which changes from clear to several tint shades based on the amount of light and position of the sun. At the time of construction, this was one of the largest applications of Dynamic Glass in the United States.

This is the third award that the building has received.

With more than $1.6 billion in assets, the Connor Group, headquartered in Dayton, wns and operates more than 13,000 luxury apartments in 10 markets across the United States.

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