Obamacare enrollment spikes for CareSource


Obamacare enrollment spikes for CareSource

Multi state enrollment in private health plans sold by Dayton-based CareSource spiked this year by about 20 percent, underscoring continued demand for coverage under the Affordable Care Act in many parts of the country.

While enrollment was down a tad in Ohio, the numbers for CareSource were up sharply in three of the four states where the company sells health insurance through federal and state-based exchanges created by the health reform law.

In Kentucky, enrollment in CareSource health plans for 2017 coverage more than doubled to 32,033, up from 14,433 for 2016 coverage, according to the company’s final tally at the end of open enrollment for this year.

Enrollment in West Virginia, CareSource’s newest market, more than tripled to 6,392 from 1,447 over the same period. Meanwhile, in Indiana, CarSource’s second-largest market for exchange-based health plans, enrollment was up about 24 percent to 42,493 from 34,324.

CareSource said enrollment in the private health plans it sells under the Affordable Care Act was up about 20 percent this year, compared to 2016. Staff Writer

CareSource enrollment in Ohio slipped about 2 percent from 77,904 to 71,586, reflecting the statewide trend in which overall enrollment for all health insurers in the state exchange also fell about 2 percent from last year to 238,843, according to government figures.

Experts attribute the dip, at least in part, to doubts about the fate of the health care law, commonly known as Obamacare, which is under attack by President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans who have vowed to overhaul the law.

In addition, experts say, an improving economy has led to more job-based health coverage, diminishing the need for the government subsidized, income-based exchange plans.

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