Chain unveils ‘epic’ burger with 12 slices bacon


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Chain unveils ‘epic’ burger with 12 slices bacon

The Hardee’s fast-food chain that recently unveiled Super Bacon Cheeseburgers and Super Bacon Thickburgers that include a “super serving of bacon, with six full bacon strips woven together into a crispy bacon nest.” But why stop there?

Now Hardees officials say their Super Bacon Thickburger can also be ordered “epic,” which would add “an extra bacon nest and cranking the total bacon count up to twelve strips.”

And don’t forget the burger nestled beneath all that bacon: a one-third-pound patty of ground beef.

Hardee’s also partnered with a couple of bacon’s biggest fans, Harley Morenstein and Muscles Glasses, of YouTube’s “Epic Meal Time,” in a new Super Bacon Thickburger commercial that premiered Monday, July 1. The spot is entitled “Bacon to the Sixth Power.”

Hardee’s operates three Dayton-area restaurants and one in Springfield. Its Colonel Glenn Highway location near Wright State University is selling the “basic” quarter-pound Super Bacon Cheeseburger for $4.29, while the Thickburger version (one-third pound patty) is $5.29. Making those sandwiches “epic” with a dozen slices of bacon raises the price to $7.56 for the quarter-pounder and to $8.56 for the larger burger, a manager at the restaurant said this morning.

The Hardee’s “epic” burgers are the latest in an apparent trend toward extreme burgers that includes the March unveiling by Steak ‘n Shake of the “7X7” sandwich with seven hamburger patties and seven slices of American cheese, priced at $7.77 on the chain’s “Up All Night” menu.

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