Health Inspecitons: Imperial Palace


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Health Inspecitons: Imperial Palace

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Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED


Address: 790 Northwoods Blvd., Vandalia  

Date of inspection: July 26  

Violations: Wiping cloths on counter tops. Maintain all wiping cloths in sanitizer solution until needed. Wipe food contact surfaces every two hours and maintain.  

Observed TCS foods in the walk-in cooler out of temperature; lo mein and wonton observed at 62F and 63F respectively. No dates on the foods. Discard.  

The walk in cooler is at 60F at this time. Repair to cool below 41F.  

The three compartment sink is leaking and needs repair. Repair the above and maintain.  

The sanitizer compartment of the three compartment sink is leaking. Repair.  

Utensils are not being sanitized at this time.  

Repair the sink and sanitize utensils as required.  

Bleach is an approved sanitizer. Utensils shall be air dried before use.  

Clear the handwash sink and make it available for handwashing. Provide paper towels and handsoap for proper handwashing.  

Comments: Be sure to transfer all potentially hazardous foods from the walk-in cooler to a cooler that cools below 41F.  

Hot temperatures were satisfactory.  

The restrooms are good at this time.

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