Health Inspections: Cadillac Jacks



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Health Inspections: Cadillac Jacks

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Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED


Address: 9400 Springboro Pike  

Date of inspection: Aug. 3  

Violations: Observed meatloaf, in walk-in cooler, being held cold above 41F. PIC explained that meatloaf was cooked the previous night and then was placed in the walk-in cooler to cool. Ensure foods are cooled within 2 hours from 135F to 70F within 2 hours and 70F to 41F or below within 4 hours in order to limit the growth of bacteria.  

• Meatloaf- CS- 46.0- PIC voluntarily discarded 10 LBS of meatloaf  

• PIC was informed that ice baths, shallow pans, or placement of foods in freezer are approved methods to cool quickly  

Observed multiple foods being held cold above 41F in multiple coolers. Ensure foods are held cold at or below 41F in order to limit the growth of bacteria.  

Sandwich prep cooler:  

• Sliced turkey- Ch- 65.0F- PIC voluntarily discarded ½ LB of turkey  

• Sliced ham- CH- 58.5F- PIC voluntarily discarded ½ LB of ham  

• Sliced salami- CH- 46.5F- PIC placed in freezer to quickly cool  

• Sliced tomato- CH- 47.0F- PIC voluntarily discarded 1 medium pan  

• Salad lettuce- CH- 55.0F- PIC voluntarily discarded 1 medium pan  

Chicken wing prep cooler:  

• Chicken wings- CH- 46.0F- PIC placed 1 large pan in freezer  

Observed large gaps (possible missing filters) in ventilation hoods above fryers, grills, and small oven. Ensure hoods are supplied with filters so that no gaps are present preventing possible fire hazards.  

Observed multiple food contact surfaces with build-up of food residue. Ensure food contact surfaces are broken down (if needed), washed, rinsed, and sanitized after use or every 4 hours, if they are used throughout hours of operation, in order to prevent contamination.  

• Deli slicer- wash, rinse, sanitize before use  

• Multiple utensils in drawer (across from dish machine)  

• Knives above prep table  

• Salad spinner  

Observed inside, top of microwave, soda nozzles, and soda gun holsters (at bar) with build-up of food residue. Ensure each are washed, rinsed, and sanitized frequently so that build-up is prevented.  

It is recommended that each are washed, rinsed, and sanitized daily. Soaking shall not substitute wash, rinse, and sanitize.  

Observed light fixture above plates on grill line (also above chicken wing prep cooler) not supplied with a light shield. Ensure all light fixtures are supplied with light shields in order to prevent contamination.  

Observed stainless steel cleaner being stored on food prep surfaces. Ensure all chemicals, including sanitizer buckets, are stored separate from or below foods, utensils, single service items, and food prep surfaces in order to prevent contamination. PIC removed cleaner from table.  

Comments: Spoke with PIC concerning proper re-heating of foods. Foods hall be re-heated to a minimum internal temperature of 165.0F within2 hours.  

Observed handsinks supplied with soap, hot water, and paper towels.  

A re-inspection shall occur 08/10/2016 or thereafter.

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