Health Inspections: McDonald's, Waynesville


Health Inspections: McDonald's, Waynesville


Address: 355 S. Main St., Waynesville  

Date of inspection: Aug. 11  

Violations: Observed improper use of time as a public health control for up to four hours. Shredded lettuce not marked with time that it came out of temperature control, and discard time. Corrected. The lettuce was marked at the time of the inspection. To prevent the growth of pathogens: If time without temperature control is used for up to a maximum of four hours, the food shall: (a) The food shall have an initial temperature of 41F or less when removed from cold holding temperature control, or 135F or greater when removed from hot holding temperature control; (b) The food shall be marked or otherwise identified to indicate the time that is four hours past the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control; (c) The food shall be cooked and served, served at any temperature if ready-to-eat, or discarded, within four hours from the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control; and (d) The food in unmarked containers or packages, or marked to exceed a four-hour limit shall be discarded.  

Observed a heat treatment dispensing freezer that was not being cleaned or maintained as required. Daily log not being maintained. To prevent contamination, the operator of an FSO or RFE using a heat treatment dispensing freezer shall: (1) disassemble, clean, and sanitize the heat treatment dispensing freezer at least every fourteen days, except for those parts specified by the manufacturer such as hopper covers, design caps, door spouts and bottoms of draw valves that shall be cleaned and sanitized daily; (2) maintain the product in the hopper at forty-one degrees Fahrenheit (five degrees Celsius) or below, except during a heat treatment cycle; (3) document all heat treatment cycles by maintaining a daily log of the items set forth in paragraph (B)(3) of this rule which shall be retained for ninety days and making them available for inspection at the request of the licensor; (4) discard all product remaining in the freezer whenever the heat treatment dispensing freezer is disassembled for cleaning.  

In-use utensils are improperly stored. Square metal pan used as an ice scoop in the ice machine, cup used as an ice scoop in the front ice bin. Corrected. Pan and cup removed from the ice during the inspection. During pauses in food preparation or dispensing, food preparation and dispensing utensils shall be stored as described in this rule.  

Observed improper use and/or maintenance of wiping cloths. Wet cloths on the counters throughout the kitchen. (1) Cloths that are in use for wiping food spills from tableware and carry-out container that occur as food is being served shall be maintained dry and used for no other purpose; (2) Cloths that are in use for wiping counters and other equipment surfaces shall be: (a) held between uses in a chemical sanitizer of the appropriate concentration; and (b) shall be laundered daily; (3) Cloths that are used with raw animal foods shall be kept separate from cloths used for other purposes; (4) Dry wiping cloths and the chemical sanitizing solution in which wet wiping cloths are held between uses shall be free of food debris and visible soil; (5) Containers of chemical sanitizing solutions specified in paragraph (M)(2)(a) of this rule in which wet wiping cloths are held between uses shall be stored off the floor and used in a manner that prevents contamination of food, equipment, utensils, linens, single-service articles, or single-use articles; (6) Single-use disposable sanitizer wipes shall be used in accordance with EPA-approved manufacturer’s label use instructions.  

Fixed equipment did not appear to be properly sealed or spaced for cleaning. Three compartment sink no longer sealed to the wall. Equipment that is fixed shall be installed so that it is spaced to allow access for cleaning, from adjoining equipment, walls, and ceilings a distance of not more than one thirty-second inch or one millimeter; or sealed to adjoining equipment or walls, if the equipment is exposed to spillage or seepage; Counter-mounted equipment shall be installed to allow cleaning of the equipment and areas underneath and around the equipment as specified in this rule.  

Equipment and/or components are not maintained in good working order. The top of the egg cooler is pitted and dented from employees hitting the surface with fryer baskets. This is causing standing water to accumulate on the top of the cooler. Equipment shall be maintained in a state of repair and condition that meets the requirements specified under rules 3717-1-04 and 3717-1-04.1 of this code.  

The plumbing system was not properly repaired. The faucet on the three compartment sink is leaking. To prevent health hazards, a plumbing system shall be repaired according to the Ohio building code.  

The physical facilities are not being maintained in good repair. Water accumulating in the light above the hand washing sink, water dripping from the ceiling by the grill line, and the front serving line. The physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair.  

The ventilation system was not being properly cleaned or was creating a public health hazard. Vent covers missing on the vents in the ware washing area, and there is an accumulation of dust on the open vents. Intake and exhaust air ducts shall be cleaned and filters changed so they are not a source of contamination. If vented to the outide, ventilation systems may not create a public health hazard or nuisance or unlawful discharge.  

Comments: At approximately 4:00 am there was a fire in the in the fryer on the grill line. The ansel system discharged and the fire department was called. All exposed food and single service items were discarded. All surfaces were cleaned and sanitized before operating. At the time of the inspection the fryer was still down, and the ansel company has been called to look into the issue. The fryer may also be replaced. Please have as many of the items from this inspection corrected by the follow up inspection.

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