DIY under $10: wrapping paper organizer


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DIY under $10: wrapping paper organizer

If you are like me, then you love giving gifts. One thing that will make gift giving even more fun is this great wrapping paper organizer.

For just $9.97, I created this handy organizer that can be wheeled all over your house. If wrapping gifts isn’t your thing, then you can use it for other tasks, such as organizing gardening tools.

You will need


• Wooden stool - $3.99 at thrift store

• Four casters - $3.98 at a discount store

• Two mesh containers - $2 at the dollar store

Items I already had around the house:

• Rubber mallet

• Drill

• Ribbon


1. Remove all tags and clean your stool before you begin this project. If you want a more consistent look, feel free to paint the entire stool one color. If you choose to paint, you will need to sand down the stool first to ensure paint will stick to the piece.

2. Use your drill to make four holes just large enough to fit the end of your casters. Line up these holes with the legs of your stool to ensure they are far enough apart to add balance to the piece.

3. Follow the instructions provided with your casters. These should come apart. Take the first part (the pronged section not attached to the wheel) and hammer it into the hole until the prongs dig into the wood. Use your rubber mallet to secure it in place. Add the wheel into the pronged piece and press until the wheel firmly locks.

4. Once all four wheels are on the seat of your stool, flip it over so that the legs are sticking up.

5. Attach your baskets to the sides of your stool legs. These will act as added storage for ribbons, tape, pens and tags.

6. Fill the center portion with your wrapping paper, and you are ready to go.

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