City wins ruling against troublesome night club

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City wins ruling against troublesome night club

The city of Dayton has won a battle against a night club that officials say has been a trouble spot for more than a year.

A Montgomery County Common Pleas judge on Friday granted the city’s request for a temporary restraining order against the Vault Night Club, 20 N. Jefferson St.

The restraining order effectively shuts down the business until a preliminary injunction hearing set for July 12.

The city has declared the business a public nuisance and is pursuing an injunction through the state liquor control board to shut the place down.

Complaints filed with the court detail various incidents including murder, shootings and large fights, as well as repeat violations of the 299-patron capacity limit.

Dayton police have responded to the location 118 times since January 2012, according to complaints filed with the court.

Specific incidents listed for 2012 are June 23, when more than 100 people were involved in a fight; Aug. 19, when a fight inside the club spilled out onto the street and resulted in a shooting; and Nov. 23, when a male was shot and killed, according to court records.

Incidents listed for 2013 include Feb. 15, when a large crowd blocked the way for paramedics to respond to a heart attack victim who died; Feb. 20, a fight in which a female struck a patron with her car; and June 20, a shooting in which more than 20 shots were fired, according to court records.

“… serious personal injury or death to citizens of the city of Dayton will likely result before a preliminary hearing is conducted,” the judge’s ruling states. “The public interest in avoiding such physical injury or death will be served by the issuance of this injunction. The aforesaid public interest substantially outweighs any potential economic harm that the respondants(sic) will experience …”

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