Dayton children shot: 911 calls illustrate chaos in aftermath

Dayton children shot: 911 calls illustrate chaos in aftermath

Three 911 calls were made Thursday to dispatchers during the chaotic time after people discovered two children who had been shot at 3821 Lori Sue Ave. in Dayton.

The children’s mother, Claudena Helton, 30, has been held on two counts of felonious assault. The 6-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl are still listed in critical condition at Dayton Children’s Hospital with gunshot wounds to the head.

Mother who shot 2 kids remains in jail

A woman first told the dispatcher about the 6-year-old boy as people screamed in the background.

“He’s not awake. He’s not conscious. He’s bleeding. Send a paramedic,” the woman said. “No, he’s not breathing.”

As the dispatcher told her how to administer first aid, the woman started yelling hysterically.

“There’s another child!” she yelled as the girl was brought outside by the mother. “It’s another person.”

The woman began following the dispatcher’s instructions and said, “C’mon baby, don’t go.”

The second call was from a man who was just walking by on his way to the graduation at Rosa Parks Early Learning Center. He told dispatchers it appeared the boy was bleeding from his cheek.

The third call was from a dispatcher who asked about a 911 hangup. That caller said the “mother’s not answering what’s wrong with him.”

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