Dog recovering after pit bull attack


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Dog recovering after pit bull attack

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An Australian Cattle Dog was reportedly attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull and boxer Friday.

A Huber Heights woman’s dog nearly lost its life in a brutal attack by her neighbor’s pit bull and boxer Friday, she said.

Lenise Knight’s 14-year-old Australian Cattle Dog Henry was playing in the backyard of her home in the 8000 block of Chauncy Place when the two dogs broke through a privacy fence and bit him multiple times.

“The white pit bull clamped onto our dog Henry for close to 10 minutes,” Knight said Tuesday.

Her mother ran outside when she heard yelping. She swung a broom and screamed at the two dogs, and they eventually let Henry go, but he was nearly killed in the attack, Knight said.

“He has huge lacerations to his neck,” she said. “Half of his ear was chewed off.”

Henry was rushed to an animal hospital. His surgery lasted longer than one hour. He returned home Monday, but veterinarians inserted tubes into his neck to drain fluids and prevent his wounds from getting infected, Knight said.

The neighbor’s two dogs have broken through the privacy fence in the past and attacked Henry, but Knight said she did not report it because she wanted to be a friendly neighbor. Now, she fears the dogs will break into her yard again and harm her family.

“There is no way anyone can feel safe with those dogs in the area” said a frustrated Knight. “My mother could have also been attacked that day.”

Knight called the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center to have her neighbors pit bull and boxer removed. However, Ohio law states that the agency can only remove animals after three documented attacks on another animal, or a single attack on a human.

If you feel threatened by an animal, you should call your local law enforcement before you contact your local animal resource center, said Montgomery County Animal Resource Center Director Mark Kumpf.

Henry is expected to recover from the attack. However, Knight wants people to learn from her mistake so they can protect their families.

“You have to report these dogs if you feel like you are in danger,” she said. “That way it can be on record and the dogs can be removed.”

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