Middletown woman, 64, fires shots at intruder


Middletown woman, 64, fires shots at intruder



A 64-year-old Middletown woman fired three shots this morning at a woman who broke into her home in the 900 block of Kensington Street, police said.

Mabel Fletcher told police that around 4:40 a.m. she was alerted by her dog that someone was in her home. Fletcher told police that the intruder, Paige Stacy, 21, of Brentwood Street, walked into her bedroom, and when she walked toward Fletcher, Fletcher fired a shot that missed.

Stacy then allegedly threw an ironing board at Fletcher and she fired another shot that missed. Fletcher told police that Stacy pretended to be hit and she laid on the floor. When Fletcher bent over to check on Stacy, she lunged at Fletcher, who fired again and missed.

Fletcher told police that she wished she was wearing her glasses.

Lt. Scott Reeve of the Middletown Division of Police called Stacy “lucky.”

Later, police found Stacy asleep in a car on Elman Court and she was unharmed. The vehicle’s owner told police that she saw a stranger in her car and she called police.

Police said they were looking for Stacy on Tuesday because she was a suspect in the theft of xanax in Monroe.

Stacy had xanax, heroin, hydromorphone, and syringes on her, police said. She was charged with aggravated burglary, three counts of drug abuse, possession of drug abuse instruments and criminal trespass.

She is suspected of breaking into vehicles in the area and attempting to break into two other houses, police said. Additional charges are anticipated, police said.

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